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BEST CAUSE? Let us explain…

Saving Lives:
100% of profits go to veteran programs like Tango3, a non-profit organization focused on suicide prevention. 

BEST BEEF? Allow us to Clarify…

Highest Quality:
This is unlike any jerky you have ever had because it is masterfully crafted using only the highest quality beef in the world: Akaushi (Red Wagyu)

BEST JERKY? See what jerky lovers say…

All Natural:
No Added Hormones. No Antibiotics. No MSG. Ever.




As a family, the Johnson’s have been working the cattle business for generations and they are truly passionate about raising the highest quality beef out there. Which is why they are proud to raise exclusively authentic American Akaushi (Red Wagyu) Beef. Continue reading to learn more about the Johnson Family companies and mission.

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When we first first started raising the Akaushi, it was honestly the health benefits that had intrigued us the most. The marbling in Akaushi Beef contains a much higher percentage of monounsaturated fat (good) than any other beef available in the US. With the American Heart Association noting that Akaushi Beef in place of other beef with higher saturated fat (bad) can lead to lower cholesterol, better prevention of heart disease, and weight loss. As it turns out, Akaushi Beef is also a significant source of oleic acid – the compound that is also found in olive oil and that the USDA references as ‘good for the heart’.

Not only is this abundant marbling good for you, it is also responsible for that rich, buttery flavor and extreme tenderness that makes our beef literally melt in your mouth.

We love to work and play outside. It was in the great outdoors where America’s Best Beef Jerky was developed. Actually it was technically on the back porch of our cozy cabin in a smoker during an exceedingly long day of working cattle out on the ranch.

Off and on all summer long, I had been working on some jerky recipes. One particularly beautiful day I had prepared a big batch of the latest recipe to put on the smoker before heading out to pasture. When I got back I could not believe how amazing it smelled as I checked on it’s progress. It wasn’t too long before that tantalizing aroma of smoked cherrywood mixed with that special blend of spices and that succulent Akaushi beef drifted off the porch and out into the air where the other cowboys caught wind of it. Before I knew it they were all standing in my kitchen waiting before I could even get it on a plate! These guys were hard core jerky lovers and most had been around to taste previous batches of my Akaushi Beef jerky through the summer up until this point.

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As I sat the plate down on the table and they all got right into it, one after the other exclaimed,

“This is the best dang jerky I have ever had!”
“I can’t stop eating it! This stuff is addictive!”
“Wow! Tastes like steak jerky! Can we work cattle again tomorrow?”
and, “You have GOT to sell this stuff!

Everyone felt like this was truly THE recipe. After more extensive taste testing and a lot more exposure, we decided it was worth a shot to see if people would consider it to be worth their money. It was at an RV show in Michigan where things got interesting…

A close friend of the family had a package open on his desk when a 3rd generation master jerky maker happened to walk up and noticed that it was made with Akaushi Beef…. He tried it and ended up calling me wanting to be the one to produce it on a larger scale! He had never tasted anything like it before and promised that it would be world class when it was completed. He did not disappoint!

America’s Best Beef Jerky is still made in small batches, from some of the very best beef in the world, raised the right way right with no antibiotics or hormones, smoked over cherry wood, and made with premium, all natural ingredients, and no artificial preservatives, ever.

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Best Beef equals the Best Jerky. We thought this was the winning equation.
But as fortune would have it, this project just kept getting better and better…

Read on to learn how we went from ‘Jerky without a cause’ to “Jerky with…. The Best Cause”…


About the time we had gotten the jerky into production with our master jerky maker, we met a military gentleman in a hotel lobby while visiting Grand Rapids, Michigan. We had a trailer load of jerky with us and the hotel clerks were excited to see us as we had met before and they knew all about our Akaushi beef jerky. The military gentleman took notice of the excitement and introduced himself, as Gerald Alcorn.

He couldn’t help but notice the craziness of everyone trying to claim their bag of jerky so he began to ask us about the product and the cattle. It wasn’t long before he started to tell us that he was looking for a product that could be used as a vehicle to further a greater cause… veteran suicide prevention. After hearing more about this amazing cause and the team behind it, we couldn’t help but be excited to help.

There is no greater feeling than to be a part of something that has the potential to do so much good in this world. We truly respect our military and wanted to do all that we could to help them, this was a clear opportunity to do just that.

It wasnt long after we started working together on this project that one of Geralds own military family members committed suicide…. He was devastated. This put everything into perspective for us and we started to realize just how desperatly this program was needed. It was at this time that we decided that ALL of the proceeds from the sale of America’s Best Beef Jerky needed to go to this great cause.

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What makes America’s Best Beef Jerky different from other random beef jerkys you might encounter out there in the world??


#1 – America’s Best Beef Jerky is made from the very best beef in the world- premium American Akaushi (Red Wagyu) Beef that is bred, born, raised AND processed in the USA. We guarantee it to be free of antibiotics, added hormones and contain only all-natural ingredients.

Do you know what beef other jerky companies use? Where the beef comes from? What the animals have been fed? How the animals are cared for?

#2 – America’s Best Beef Jerky is processed by a 3rd generation Master Jerky maker who takes great pride in producing world class jerky… the very best beef jerky possible, smoked over real cherry wood in small batches to perfection.

Do you know how other jerkys are made, and by whom? Where have they been made? What’s been added to them?

#3 – America’s Best Beef Jerky has a great cause! We give ALL (100%) of the proceeds from the sale of our jerky to to help support our veterans… and prevent more suicide. We want to do everything we can for these great men and women who have given so much for our country and our freedoms! We truly appreciate your help and support by purchasing our products. Together we WILL make a difference!!!







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